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Three side seal pillow packaging machine


Product Description

The product model:GM083N

The packaging speed:design 180bags/min,the stable working speed 120bags/min

The rate of finished products:98%

Packaging method:Three side seal pillow packaging machine

Packing material:PE/POPP/matte OPP complex film

Packaging specification:The stacked thinkness of products(10mm-50mm)

The 3D size of equipment:L(7.5m)* W(1.6m)*H(1.8m)

Total weight:About 2000KG

Installed capacity:Main engine 5KW

Power requirment:Three phrase five-cables system system(220Vac/60Hz)±5%

Air source requiremnet:Air pressure≥0.6Mpa,consumption<2m³/h

Full servo driving:

The machine driving by Yaskawa motion controlling PLC and general linear servo driving system,it ensured a highy accurate package and stability.

Saving material fee:

Automatically finish the packaging sealing.etc,it saves the bags making fee.

Intelligent failure analysis:

When the machine breaks and materail abnormal operation happens,it gave out relatively failure warning tips.