The full servo single piece wet wipe production line
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The full servo single piece wet wipe production line

Product Description


Production speed:stable at 300 piece for each minute.

counting and stacking speed:≥30 bags/min,10 pieces/bag


Working efficiency:≥95%

Nonwoven fabrics material:spunlace nonwoven fabrics,dust free paper,

                                          complex film.,etc,width was at 130-200mm

Punch dimension:length:80-150mm(the longer the film was,the slower the production can be)


Three size:L8.15m * W1.55m * H2.00m

DW:about 8000KG

Installation power:about 19KW

Power requirement:three phase four cables system(A,B,C,PE),380v/50HZ

Air requirement :input pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa,air consumption≤300LPM

The full servo driving

By adapting Mitsubishi and Yaskawa motion controlling PLC and general linear servo driving system,it ensured a highly accurate package and stability.

High production efficiency

Non-stop,Non-slowing down while bonding materials,automatically elimilating folded waste and sending alarm while lacking wipes.

Automatically eliminating wastes

All folded waste including the raw materails can be torn out.

Automatically counting stacker

It runs a function of counting and stacking pouch as to customer's requirement.

High hygienic safety character

Adapting full closed loop medicine soup accurate humidification,the recyucling pollution were avoided

Longer knife service time

patened cutting knife technology triples the service time in comparison with the usual knives.

Intelligent failure analysis

when the machine breaks and material abnormal operation happens,it gave out relatively failure warning tips