The automatical facial mask production line
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The automatical facial mask production line

Product Description

The Model:GM088M

The production speed:the stable speed 90-100 pcs/min,the Max speed 120 pcs/Min.

The rate of finished products:≥98%

Production efficiency:≥95%

The 3D size:L13m * W2.5m *H2.5m,with the height level adjusting device at bottom.

Installed capacity:about 40KW,the power consumption of normal spped is about kwh.

Power requirement:Three phase four cables system 3PH380Vac±5%,50/60Hz

Full servo driving

The machine driving by Mitsubishi motion controlling PLC and general linear servo driving system

High production

Non-stop,non-slowing down while bonding material,autimatically eliminating folded waste and sending alarm while lacking material.

Automatically eliminating wastes

The entire automatic eliminate the rejects such as asymmetric fold or not beautiful of non-woven fabrics and so on.

Longer knife service time:

Patented cutting knife technology triples the service time in comparison with the usual knives.

The seal solid and beautiful.