The sanitary napkin packaging machine and counting stacker
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The sanitary napkin packaging machine and counting stacker

Product Description

Packing speed:stable at 120 bags/min.

Working efficiency:≥95%


Packing method:rolling film tapes or pre-made bags;inserted pads or stacked pads

Packing material:PE complex film,40um≤singel thickness≤70um

Power requirement:three-phase,four cables system(A/B/C/PE),380/50HZ

Air requirement:input air pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa

Full servo driving:

By adapting general linear servo driving system(which system can be choosable),to ensured a highly accurate package and stabolity.

Patented gusset-insert structure:

It has been proved that the interpolation angle control is the smallest and most stable angle inserting mechanism in the industry.

Patented opening bags structure:

The servo controlled opening bags can adapt to different sorts of packaging dimensions,by adjusting data can achieve a exchange of products.

The shortest offcut:

Under the stable gusset situation,this machine shorten the length of offcut film to only 10mm.

Saving labor forces:

The full set machine can be auto working,no manual contact throughout the packaging process.

Intelligent failure analysis:

When the machine breaks and material abnormal operation happens,it gave out relatively failure warning tips or stop,and does not affect the service life of the machine.